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Nov 29, 2012 6:00pm PST
negotiations. when we made peace with egypt, we negotiated, it was hard, it was frustrating, but we -- it wasn't imposed from the outside. when we did peace with jordan, it was the same thing. now president obama in 2010 stood up and said, you know, you have to reach an agreement, it can't be imposed from the outside. what the palestinians did today basically doesn't change anything for palestinians on the ground tomorrow. young people will stand up, more expectations, higher frustrations. at the end of the day, the distance that abbas did instead of flying ten hours to new york, could have driven ten minutes over to jerusalem, sit down with netanyahu without any preconditions and talk about the major issues that are important for both sides to solve. >> do you think a deal can actually get done, or are we just basically just going to see a lot more posturing before more missiles start ricocheting around on both sides? >> as you know, i was, i think dr. erakat was with me on the negotiation table. it's tough, it's hard, but you really have to sit there understanding that the only way forward a
Nov 24, 2012 9:00pm PST
years old. in egypt, opposition to morsi is growing. for a third straight day, protesters hit the streets. some of the highest judges have walked off the job and are calling for a strike. >> his viral music video gangnam style has been watched 810 million times. back to boxing. you may have heard this super star, manny pacquiao is headed back to the ring. he is going up against manual marquez, this is the fourth time that they have squared off and once again, we are proud to present the popular series, 24/7 to show you the story behind the boxers as they train for this fight. so here it is. >> well, to be a great rivalry, it has to be competitive, obviously. because if it's not competitive. it's not really a rivalry. it has to be world class fighters fighting each other. like ali/frazier, that was a world-class rivalry. >> this was one of the most bruising heavy weight championships of all time. >> we had a great rivalry because the fighters were so evenly matched and they had such big hearts with the late artu arturogotti and mickey ward, that was a great rivalry. >> look at
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)